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Mobile dental clinics offer house call denture and mobile dental cleanings for seniors in nursing homes, denture services in long-term care homes, denture services in retirement homes, dental cleanings in nursing homes, dental cleanings in retirement homes

 Our house call denture services and mobile    dental cleanings are available in private  homes,    hospitals, long-term care facilities, and    retirement homes.  

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Remember...we come to you! Our mobile dental clinic avoids the burdens placed on family members and patients for arranging transportation to the dental office. The dental equipment is portable and does not need a lot of space to set up. 

There is no additional house call fee for home visits and we offer free consultations for mobile denture services. If you have dental benefits through private insurance, ODSP, OW or NHIB, we will prepare all the paperwork for you.

We specialize in mobile house call dental care in the GTA and surrounding area. Our goal is to address the oral health care needs of seniors in long-term care facilities, hospitals, retirement homes, and private residences. We are here to help.

Seniors in nursing homes and retirement homes can benefit from house call denture services and in home dental cleanings in Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and Scarborough. Mobile denture care in Toronto that provides house call denture cleaning.

Scheduling a home visit for denture services and dental cleanings is easy. Call our office or send us an email.

What concerns do you have?

house call dental services?



Mobile dental services for seniors with mobility impairment. If you wish to replace a denture or is you lost a denture at a hospital, EPICITI can provide replacement dentures in your home, dentures services in long-term care facilities and nursing homes.

"While many seniors live independently, visiting a dental office is often very difficult."

Canadian Dental Association



Seniors unable to get to the dental office as a result of hospitalization, recent release from the hospital, those who are bedridden due to illness or seniors with mobility impairment have greater needs when considering dental treatment.



Certain medical conditions such as arthritis in the hands, Alzheimers or Dementia can make brushing teeth more cumbersome. Poor oral health has been linked with increased risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory conditions. Healthy gums and teeth go a long way.

Denture stomatitis is caused by inflammation of the gums under the dentures as a result of poor oral hygiene. Denture stomatitis can be painful and denture stomatitis presents itself with reediness and discomfort under your denture.
At EPICITI Mobile Dental Clinic, we have a mobile denturist providing house call denture services in Toronto nursing homes and Aurora retirement homes and a mobile dental hygienist providing house call dental cleanings in hospitals and homes.

"Many seniors suffer denture discomfort in silence due to embarrassment, or a reduced ability to communicate."

Dry mouth or xerostomia affects the flow of saliva and can cause pain in your mouth. A mobile denturist in Toronto can evaluate denture stomatitis and dry mouth to help address pain and discomfort. A mobile hygienist can provide dental cleanings in Vaughan



Many medications prescribed for controlling high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and diabetes have side effects that alter the flow of saliva, causing dry mouth. Lack of normal saliva leads to discomfort, tooth decay and tooth loss.



While brushing teeth at home is important, routine dental cleanings by a dental professional has been shown to reduce respiratory infections. A mobile dental specialist can provide in home dental cleanings at your convenience.

House call dental cleanings in Mississauga and Brampton by a mobile dental hygienist professional will come to your home to clean your teeth. If a senior needs a mobile dental cleaning in a nursing home or retirement home please call EPICITI Mobile Dental.


is the next step?

We provide mobile dental cleanings and house call denture services in retirement homes, nursing homes and hospitals in Toronto, Etobicoke, Oshawa, Markham, Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and Brampton.

Contact our office to schedule your home visit today. Remember...we come to you!


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