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Find out about denture coverage under ODSP/OW in Ontario

If you are an Ontario resident in need of dentures, you’ll be pleased to know that you are offered significant assistance from two groups. One is the Ontario Works Dental Program and the other is the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). While the amount of assistance is dependent upon eligibility in both cases, this is excellent news for the entire community, particularly those without other dental insurance. You will no longer need to suffer from dental pain or ill-fitting dentures and help is now available to you!

ODSP/OW denture insurance benefits in Toronto. Social assistance provides coverage for complete dentures, partial dentures, relines and repairs. Dentures for Ontario Disability Support Program and denture coverage for Ontario Works in Toronto, Newmarket, Richmond Hill and Thornhill. House call mobile denture services in nursing homes Toronto. Find out how mobile dental care services in nursing homes and retirement homes in Toronto can be accessed for in home denture care services and mobile dental cleanings in home Toronto.

When you come in for your initial denture consultation, your dental practitioner will examine your mouth to determine what type of denture you will require for your treatment. There are a variety of denture services covered under ODSP/OW programs including complete dentures, partial dentures, relines, and repairs. To verify eligibility for this program you will only need to bring in your Dental Identification Card for the current month; if the card is not available, a Dental Authorization Number will suffice. This authorization number is available through the patient’s local OW/ODSP office.

Once this information is available, your denturist will secure the Pre-determination for Denture Treatment. Pre-determination will consist of the following documents:

  • Completed OW/ODSP Denture Pre-determination Form

  • Treatment plan, including proposed treatment codes and fees

This entire procedure will be completed by the denturist and requires no action on your part. Pre-determination will generally require three to six weeks, depending on the administrative volume. As soon as it is completed you will schedule your next appointment to start the process of fitting you for new dentures. Please be confident that you will have access to mobile services or house calls as part of your coverage. Whether you are mobile or homebound, you will continue to have access to superior denture care.

In most regions, Ontario Works Dental Program and Ontario Disability Support Program authorizes replacement of dentures every five years. The reasons for replacement are required. In the case of relines and repairs, your denturist will need to include the reasons for repair with the claims.

Regarding claims, your denturist will be submitting these forms:

  • Ontario Works Dental Claim form, with signatures from the dental practitioner and OW/ODSP participant.

  • A copy of the current month’s Dental Identification Card that shows client name or Dental Authorization Number.

  • A letter confirming eligibility of ODSP for denture treatment.

As you can easily see, the availability of thorough and reliable denture care is excellent news for any and all eligible Ontario residents. Whether you receive your care in your denturist’s office or where you live, you have access to everything that you need to ensure dentures that are comfortable, attractive and functional.

By Daniel Subbotin BSc, BA, DD


For more information about your eligibility for denture coverage under Ontario Disability Support Program and Ontario Works please EPICITI Mobile Dental Care. Home care denture services are also covered under ODSP/OW and can be offered to eligible participants free of charge. These services can be offered to patients in nursing homes and retirement homes, including hospitals and residential homes. Mobile denture clinic services and in-home mobile dental cleanings in Toronto are your alternative to visiting the dental clinic. If you have mobility impairment or are homebound due to illness or recent hospitalization mobile house call dental services can be a suitable option to address your dental needs. Please feel free to contact EPICITI if you have any dental concerns. To find out more about ODSP/OW dental coverage please visit their website.

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