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I got new dentures! Take a bite out of denture misconceptions.

You’ve reached a turning point in your life and are about to complete your final denture fitting. If you’re hoping to walk out of your dental provider’s office with shiny new dentures and bite into that beautiful red apple, perhaps some clarification is in order.

A healthy life starts with healthy teeth. As a denture wearer you should enjoy the benefits of enjoying all your food. If you have any pain with your dentures or if you have broken dentures, contact our denture expert to help with dentures in nursing homes, long-term care, retirement homes and private homes in Toronto, Barrie, Mississauga, Newmarket and Scarborough areas. Mobile denture and in home dental care services available in the Etobicoke area.

To begin, dentures are not the same as your natural teeth. Whether you have been without those teeth for ten days or ten years, your dentures will not feel the way that those teeth did. Let’s talk about pain first.

Dentures will initially exacerbate bone spurs and sore gum conditions. Bone spurs are areas where bones stick out or are close to gum surfaces. New dentures can rub against these areas, making it very difficult for you to wear them. The bone spurs will eventually disappear but if the discomfort is more than you can tolerate, consult your dental professional for assistance.

Eating will constitute your next learning curve. Begin with small quantities of soft foods until you become accustomed to the feel of chewing. You will discover a variety of adaptations for comfortable eating. Some will chew more on one side than another. Some denture-wearers find that mashing food against the mouth roof is quite effective.

You will always be surprised to discover that you will no longer be grinding food. Chewing is more effective, especially with practice. Soft and hard foods will require patience, discovery and the process of determining exactly what works for you and your dentures.

Drinking will also be a new experience. Don’t make the mistake of swooshing liquids in your mouth. In addition to loosening your teeth, it doesn’t make swallowing any easier. You will also want to pay attention to those liquids such as coffee and tea that will stain your shiny new dentures.

And if all of these modifications weren’t enough, you will also need to make adjustments to the methods used for speaking. Whistling is quite common, as are slight lisps or slurring. The more you practice, the better and clearer your speech will become.

Pay attention to the changes to your dentures and the way that they fit as time progresses. Mouths change and tissues change, resulting in possible slipping or sliding. You will want to bring these changes to the attention of your dental professional. When your dentures do not fit properly, you make it possible for inflammation or gum disease to ensue.

Routine, thorough oral hygiene is more important than ever before. You will want to be diligent about cleaning your dentures as well as the inside of your mouth. When you do this, you can be confident of minimizing discomfort, ensuring clean breath and overall excellent oral health.

Many experience feelings of depression with the introduction of dentures. This can be attributed to numerous factors, including the feeling that dentures are not the exciting and immediate solution anticipated. Keep in mind that many people are never able to wear dentures and that you are fortunate to be a viable denture candidate.

The learning process can be a long one that is full of frustration. Through it all, keep wearing your dentures, make necessary adjustments and report any serious problems to your denturist. Arriving at a state where your dentures are as natural as your smile will be well worth the perseverance.

By Daniel Subbotin BSc, BA, DD


If you have any questions or concerns about your new dentures please feel free to get in touch with EPICITI Mobile Dental Clinic. We understand your concerns are here to help. If your gums are causing you pain and if you find that your dentures are loose, please feel free to get in touch to learn more about our mobile denture clinic and our in home mobile dental cleaning services in nursing homes and retirement homes. We provide house call denture services in Toronto and surrounding area. Our mobile dental cleaning in home visits are easy to arrange and can be completed over the phone.

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