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Dental Care and Educational Resources

Our oral health resources are available for seniors, care providers and health care professionals. Whether you are looking after your spouse, your elderly parents or caring for a senior at home, hospital, long-term care center or retirement home, having the right information to reach the right people for dental care services will be important for maintaining their oral health. 
EPICITI’s oral health outreach program is designed to address the oral care needs of adults with special needs and the elderly. The educational workshops are available for physicians, resident doctors, nurses, PSWs (personal support workers) and support staff in hospitals, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, and retirement communities. Aging, medication and diet bring a host of dental changes in the elderly, who require special attention when considering dental care.
A mobile EPICITI dental hygienist in Toronto is available to provide quality and cost-effective dental hygiene services for the homebound senior. Oral health and dental care for seniors and the elderly is an important issue in our communities that cannot and should not be overlooked by municipal offices. Lack of routine dental cleanings by a mobile dental hygienist can result in buildup of plaque ultimately leading to cavities and tooth loss.
If you are caring for an elderly who is bedridden as a result of illness or hospitalization, or looking after a senior with mobility impairment who has difficulty making it to the dental clinic in the Toronto and Scarborough area, there is a mobile dentistry service available. Referring to EPICITI is straightforward. Simply contact our office via email or give us a call at 905-237-8422. Our mobile denturist is located at 561 Edward Avenue in Richmond Hill.
At EPICITI Mobile Dental Clinic we want to share our experience with seniors in nursing homes, retirement homes, hospitals in Toronto and Barrie area. Our blog contains articles about the importance of oral health for maintaining a positive lifestyle as seniors age. Medications and diet affect the mouth and seniors are more at risk for developing cavities that can lead to tooth loss as a result of overmedication and soft diets.
Our blog has relevant and up-to-date information about the importance of oral health especially in later years of life, valuable tips for proper maintenance of natural teeth and dentures, techniques for assisting oral care for seniors with dementia, and much more. You are welcome to distribute and to share this information with your family, friends, staff, and colleagues. For residential care facilities and health care professionals we offer a variety of oral health seminars for nursing staff, personal support workers (PSWs), and health administrators on the importance of oral health management for the elderly.
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