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Referring to EPICITI

Medical doctors, dentists, denturists, home care service agencies, social services, and other senior healthcare providers appreciate and trust EPICITI Mobile Dental Care for our in-home mobile dental care services. Do you have a patient who you would like to refer to EPICITI? Please complete the form below and tell us more about how we can be of assistance. Also indicate if you wish to be notified about updates on our treatment with your patient for your records. If you have any questions about our service protocol, feel free to contact our office.

Routine dental cleanings are critical for preventing gum disease and for keeping your teeth. Referring your patients to EPICITI Mobile Dental Care is easy. Get in touch with our office or complete a referral form online. Dental cleaning services available for seniors in retirement homes and long-term care centers in Toronto and Barrie area.
Home care dental services is perfect for anyone who has been hospitalized, recently released from the hospital, or someone who is bedridden due to illness. If you are a health provider and have patients who require in home dental care, keep us in mind.
For someone with mobility impairment and difficulty leaving their house for dental appointments, especially if multiple visits are required, home-based dental cleaning and denture clinic services in home are an affordable and convenient alternative.
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