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Oral Health Educational Program For Staff and Care Providers

Our oral health educational program is designed for care provider staff development in health care facilities and is intended to increase the skills and competency of staff in areas of oral health and denture care. This education program will include those factors that are important to the overall quality of life for residents, with information relating directly to those issues involving resident health and well-being. The EPICITI educational philosophy incorporates principles of adult learning theory by ensuring that the teaching goals and objectives are considered relevant, realistic and important to staff on an ongoing basis. We value the wide range of previous experience, knowledge, self-direction and interests of staff members—and we encourage participation in small-group learning seminars. With increasing oral health care concerns within the aging population and residential care communities, it is critically important to respond to these challenges while taking a proactive approach by educating staff on common oral health care concerns and denture care. 
Topic Overview for Care Providers
Medications, diet and aging can effect changes and have direct impact on dental and oral health. Our topics of discussion for care providers provide information concerning general symptoms, prevention and daily oral health care recommendations that are specific to those in the later years of life. The primary focus of the presentation is that of a preventive nature. Our experience suggests that the more comprehensive and thorough the education and attention to prevention, the more significant the outcomes. Additionally, the program addresses important topics concerning denture maintenance. Areas of discussion include:
  • Current research on the connection between oral health and overall health

  • Demographics and oral health in the senior population

  • Common oral conditions in seniors

  • Effects of medications on the mouth

  • Oral health and patients with disabilities

  • Assisting with oral care for seniors with dementia

  • Signs of poor fitting denture

  • Importance of cleaning dentures

  • Systemic health risks of improperly maintained denture

  • Helping residents take care of their dentures and to keep them clean

  • Things to avoid when handling dentures

  • Proper techniques for inserting and removing dentures from the mouth

Oral Health Presentations For Senior Residents

Our oral health presentations for senior residents in our community has been adapted to accommodate their cognitive processes and physical characteristics, while respecting their environment and maintaining a professional demeanor. The presentation is designed to focus on the subjects of oral health and denture care. This program addresses issues that are important to the residents’ overall quality of life and directly relates to their health and well-being. Included are a variety of creative visual aids and hands-on demonstrations to encourage resident participation, while motivating them to maintain good oral health.
Topic Overview for Care Providers
Our presentation includes all of the information needed for the daily care of residents’ remaining natural teeth, as well as the maintenance of their dentures. Delivered by educators with considerable experience in oral hygiene and denture care, the presentation will discuss the following topics:
  • Taking care of remaining teeth

  • Importance of brushing, flossing and rinsing

  • Commercial products available to help with oral health

  • Denture cleaning products

  • How to properly remove dentures from the mouth

  • Cleaning dentures – tips and techniques 

  • Importance of cleaning dentures regularly

  • Signs of a poor fitting denture

  • When to contact a dental health professional 

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